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Let’s Get Physical: October 2017 Issue

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Happy Physical Therapy Month!

October is Physical Therapy Month, and time is running out to celebrate! If your facility hasn’t done anything special yet, there are several fun ideas to honor the month. You could host a free workshop to show the public the benefits of PT, visit local schools to promote active lifestyles to kids, or any other these other awesome ideas.

Whatever you decide, make sure you spend the month helping people understand the value of your work!

CI Therapy Video Game Helps Patients Recover from Stroke

Virtual healthcare tools are on the rise, but who knew they could come in the form of video games? Recovery Rapids is a virtual reality version of constraint-induced (CI) movement therapy, which helps patients practice regular movement of injured limbs and rewires the brain for better functioning. This tool is perfect for those recovering from stroke and makes quality care more accessible and affordable.

Speech Pathologist Help Children Born Deaf Learn to Speak

With the number of children born with hearing loss on the rise, speech pathologists are more important than ever. Therapy sessions for these children consist of at least one year of listening, whereby children make semantic connections between sounds and their meaning and build a foundation of vocabulary. With the help of speech pathologists, these children can develop and improve their language capacities.

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