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The Daily Data: August 2017 Issue


Facebook AI Creates Its Own Language In Creepy Preview Of Our Potential Future

Artificial intelligence is a burgeoning sector of the tech industry. But are these revolutionary developments just as risky as they are exciting? The incident Facebook researchers experienced with their AI bots showed just how precarious this new frontier is. Two chatbots went off-script and developed a new language unintelligible to humans, which prompted a swift termination of the study. Read on for the full story.


Dear Google Bro: A Woman in Tech Responds to the Anti-Diversity Memo That’s Gone Viral

Former Google engineer James Damore upset the tech community when his 10-page, anti-diversity manifesto was released to the public. The document outlined biologically-based arguments for why men dominate the industry. Veteran techie Margot Page composed an insightful, compelling response with the intent to create an open discussion about female representation in tech. To learn more, check out the article here.


You’re more likely to hear from tech employers if you have one of these 10 things on your resume

Sometimes it’s hard to know which skills to highlight on your resume. When you’re on the job hunt, a single variable could mean the difference between continued unemployment and landing your dream job. These ten skills are the most desirable among tech employers. Whether you have one or all of them, they are absolute musts to put on your resume. Get all the details here.


5 Reasons the Future of Healthcare Is Virtual

Technology is disrupting healthcare in the best kind of way. Patients and providers alike enjoy the benefits of telehealth. From making quality care more affordable for patients to creating a better work-life balance for providers, everyone has something to gain from these technologies. To learn more about these trends, check out the full article.