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Hate Your Job? Here's What You Can Do About It in 2018.

Hate your job?


Every new year is a fresh start. It’s a time to take a good look at your life and evaluate where things fall short of your expectations. Maybe you’re focusing on your health, spending more time with loved ones or even adopting a more holistic approach to the “New Year, New You” mentality.


This reflective time makes us confront the harsh realities of our lives. The problem is that many are afraid to admit what’s holding them back—or, worse yet, too afraid to do anything about it. We are creatures of habit, after all. We’d rather be comfortable in what we know than thrust ourselves into the unknown, even if it’s to pursue an opportunity that would lead us to a better life.


That’s why so many people stick with jobs they hate. According to Gallup, only 13 percent of employees are engaged at work, and over half of Americans are unhappy with their jobs.


Workforce Woes


Our careers occupy so many of our waking hours, so much of our life—it’s sad that the majority of people spend their days doing something they hate.


Of course, we can dismiss these facts with some justification about how we’re supposed to be miserable because we live in the real world, and that’s just how it works. Even the biggest paycheck in the world can’t make that mentality less depressing.


And that’s part of the problem, too. So many employers think that money is enough when it comes to making their employees happy. No doubt, financial security is nice, but if it’s the only incentive for workers, no wonder people hate their jobs.


There are many factors that contribute to employee happiness. Opportunities for advancement, company culture and supportive management all play into a person’s feelings toward their job. Money alone is not enough, but many employers have yet to realize that fact.


However, it’s the people who work for those employers who suffer for it.


Stop Settling in 2018


No matter where a person is in their career, it’s never too late to pursue better opportunities. And based on the numbers, more people need to do so.


Now is the perfect time to start looking for other jobs, as the first quarter is the busiest hiring boom of the year. If you dread going to work every day, don’t waste another moment idling through your life.


Life is too short to forgo the pursuit of happiness for fear of the unknown. Of course, the job search is daunting, but you don’t  have to face it alone. We’re happy to help any way we can—because our purpose is to help you find yours.


Even with our help though, you have to make the first move. The only person who determines what you’ll achieve this year and for the rest of your life is you.


Make 2018 the year you stop settling.


Make 2018 the year you go all in.