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Healthcare and IT Dominate List of Top-Paying Jobs in 2017

Physicians, followed by Pharmacy Manager, sit at the top of the list of 25 highest paying jobs but IT pros hold eleven spots more than any other industry according to a report by Glassdoor.


Nearly half of the top 25 were made up of positions in the tech and healthcare industries, a fact that “reinforces that higher salaries are found in the America’s fastest job-creating sectors, which require higher education and in-demand skill sets,” said Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D., Glassdoor chief economist, in an announcement.  


Doctors lead the way with a median base salary of $187, 876, but other medical professions also paid well, according to the report. A total of six jobs on the list were from the healthcare sector (up from three in 2016), including nurse practitioners and physician assistant who made the cut for the first time.


Healthcare jobs showed up in four of the top five spots. Both the salary and the number of job openings (7,700 positions) increased for doctors on the 2017 list from the previous year.


Here are the top-paying healthcare jobs including their rank and median base salary:

1. Physician, $187,876

2. Pharmacy manager, $149,064

4. Medical science liaison, $132,842

5. Pharmacist, $125,847

7. Physician assistant, $112,529

14. Nurse practitioner, $104,144


Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are the most in-demand jobs, with 13,457 and 12,566 current job vacancies.


Meanwhile in the tech world, here are the top jobs including their rank and median base salary:


6. Enterprise Architect,  $112,560
8. Applications Development, $112, 045

9. R&D Manager, $111,905
11. Software Engineer Manager, $109,350

12. IT Architect, $105,303
13. Software Architect, $104,754

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