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Healthcare Hub: April 2018 Issue

Healthcare Hub: March 2018 Issue


For the latest in healthcare, join the Hub! We deliver industry highlights straight to your inbox, so you never feel out of the loop. Click here to sign up now! From the record low in opioid prescriptions to the scandal involving the official White House doctor, this is what’s happening for April.


Record Low in Opioid Prescriptions


Over the last year, opioid prescriptions have experienced the biggest drop we’ve seen in 25 years. Research from the health information and clinical research consultant firm IQVIA showed an 8.9% decline in the number of opioid prescriptions filled nationwide.


As IQVIA’s research director Michael Kleinrock said, “We’re at a really critical moment in the country when everybody’s paying attention to this issue. People really don’t want [opioids] if they can avoid them.” This development is a hopeful sign that the end is near for the opioid crisis.


White House Doctor Involved in Prescription and Alcohol Abuse Scandal


Speaking of opioids, one doctor’s alleged history with unlawful prescriptions and drinking on the job has forced him to withdrawal from consideration to head the Veterans Affairs department.


Ronny Jackson is U.S. President Donald Trump’s physician and has served two other presidents. He was also a U.S. Navy rear admiral, making him a seemingly suitable candidate to lead the VA.


However, sources claim that Jackson engaged in a slew of inappropriate behaviors such as: prescribing medications liberally to himself and others, getting drunk at high-profile government events, wrecking a government vehicle and once was unable to provide medical treatment on a work trip because he was passed out drunk in his hotel room.


Though Jackson has denied these allegations, the scandal does not inspire confidence in his ability to lead the U.S. government’s second largest department. White House officials declined to comment on whether or not Jackson would remain as President Trump’s top physician.


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There have been several cybersecurity breaches targeting the healthcare industry in recent months. When it comes to hacking, this industry is more vulnerable than any other because it offers the most valuable data but has the least amount of protection.


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