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Healthcare Hub: June 2018 Issue

Healthcare Hub: March 2018 Issue


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Epidiolex Makes History as First Cannabis-Based Drug with FDA Approval


On Monday June 25th, the FDA announced its approval of Epidiolex. The GW Pharmaceuticals drug is an oral solution that treats two types of childhood-onset epileptic syndromes.


The first is Dravet syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder that affects the SCN1A gene and causes chronic and/or prolonged seizures starting in the patient’s first year of life. The second is Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. This type of epilepsy begins early in childhood between the ages of 3 and 5 and can lead to multiple types of seizures, the most common of which are tonic.


GW Pharmaceuticals CEO Justin Gover reported that the Epidiolex would be available to the public in the fall but costs for the drug have yet to be disclosed. One thing is certain, however—this event is a milestone for the future of cannabinoid medicine and the greater healthcare industry.


BCG Vaccine Gives Hope to Patients with Type 1 Diabetes


A recent study published this month in npj Vaccines found that the Bacillus Calmette Guérin (BCG) vaccine may reduce hyperglycemia in patients with type 1 diabetes.


Spanning over eight years, the nine diabetic participants in the study received two doses of the vaccine. After year three, the participants experienced a lowered hemoglobin A1c to near-normal levels that lasted for the next five years.


Researchers believe the mechanisms behind this effect involve the BCG vaccine increasing T cells and cellular metabolic consumption, whereby the cells consume more sugar out of the blood.


Because of the vaccine’s influence on T cell production, which in turn boosts the body’s immune system, these findings show that the vaccine may be applicable to other severe autoimmune disorders.


ICON Power Up Program: A Campaign for Physician Wellness


An epidemic is ravaging our healthcare system. In fact, over 40% of physicians are suffering from it. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed depression, you’re not far off. Fifteen percent of doctors experience that too.


The answer is burnout.


Though it’s normal to feel disengaged and overworked in your profession from time to time, the symptoms are much more severe for doctors. You endure insane amounts of stress, demanding hours and burdensome operational tasks like EMR management.


At a time when we need doctors like you more than ever, the industry has become so convoluted and demanding that it’s setting physicians up for failure and, worse yet, steering them away from this invaluable line of work.

That’s why we at ICON wanted to offer a solution to help you find balance in your professional and personal life, so you can pursue success and happiness like never before.


We are proud to introduce our new ICON Power Up Webinar Series! Once a month, our Medical Director Dr. Chaudhry will help you with innovative tips for beating burnout and nurturing your wellbeing.  


Since you’re part of the ICON team, we would like to extend Dr. Chaudhry’s services to you FOR FREE. Protect yourself, your health and your happiness with just a click.