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Healthcare Hub: March 2018 Issue

Healthcare Hub: March 2018 Issue


The Biggest Threat to Hospitals

Ninety percent of hospitals experienced a cybersecurity breach in the last two years, and these breaches cost the healthcare industry over $6 billion annually. With the rise of telehealth operations and EHRs, medical facilities have become a prime target for hackers. When it comes to cybercrime, healthcare is more vulnerable than any other industry because it offers the most valuable data but has the least amount of protection. Here’s what you can do to protect your facility.


Rural Hospitals Become Gold Mine for Insurance Schemers

Insurance providers incentivize rural hospitals all over the country to maintain care in underserved communities by giving them reimbursements at much higher rates. This arrangement alleviates the financial strain many of these facilities face, as many are at risk of closing in the coming years. This development has also made rural hospitals a gold mine for those who exploit these reimbursements. Get the full story here.


What Measure 101 Means for Your Facility

In a special election for ballot initiative Measure 101, Oregon voters approved to have hospitals and health insurance providers absorb some of the costs for the state’s Medicaid expansion. For hospitals, that tax is 0.7 percent on their net revenues. Now many local hospitals are struggling to stay afloat amid capsizing taxation. Find out how healthcare funding mismanagement led to Oregon devastating the very systems that provide care.


National Doctors Day this Friday!

Show your providers some well-deserved appreciation for the amazing work they do. This Friday March 30th marks the 85th annual National Doctors Day! Consider doing something special for your physicians to show them how much you value their contributions to your facility.


National Doctors Day!