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Let's Get Physical: April 2018 Issue

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Record Low in Opioid Prescriptions


Over the last year, opioid prescriptions have experienced the biggest drop we’ve seen in 25 years. Research from the health information and clinical research consultant firm IQVIA showed an 8.9% decline in the number of opioid prescriptions filled by retail and mail-order pharmacies nationwide.


One factor contributing to this trend is that patients are seeing the benefits of therapy and other non-opioid approaches to pain. As IQVIA’s research director Michael Kleinrock said, “We’re at a really critical moment in the country when everybody’s paying attention to this issue. People really don’t want [opioids] if they can avoid them.” This development is a hopeful sign that the end is near for the opioid crisis.


California Bill on Animal Rehabilitation Sparks Controversy


California lawmakers have introduced a bill that aims to change the requirements for physical therapists working with animals. Assembly Bill 3013 would make it possible for PTs to treat animals with just a veterinarian’s referral, without having to be on-site at a veterinary clinic.


The good news is this gives PTs more autonomy in their work with animals and ushers more providers into this burgeoning field. The bad news is many veterinarians feel that the bill undermines their profession. Members of the California Veterinary Medical Board (CVMB) Animal Rehabilitation Task Force argue that AB 3013 is in direct opposition to their licensing, regulations and consumer protection practices.


Despite the controversy, this kind of legislation paves the way for progress in animal healthcare. As animals have access to more providers, they’ll receive better quality care at more affordable prices.


Protect Your Facility Now!


Last month we talked about the ATI hack that victimized 35,000 patients, which is one of many breaches that’s targeted the healthcare industry in recent months. When it comes to cybercrime, the healthcare industry is more vulnerable than any other because it offers the most valuable data but has the least amount of protection.


Facilities need to be more vigilant than ever in protecting their data. That’s why having a premier security provider on your side is crucial. Lucky for you, we know one! Sherlock is a cloud-native security platform that uses automation and machine learning to protect your network with unparalleled speed and scalability. For more details, check out the video our marketing team ICON Creative produced for them!