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Let's Get Physical: December 2017 Issue


Alliance PT Creeps into San Francisco Bay Area

The physical therapy market in the San Francisco Bay may get a bit more crowded now that Alliance Physical Therapy Partners (Alliance PT), an affiliate of GPB Capital Holdings, LLC, has acquired a majority equity stake in SOL Physical Therapy + Performance to expand its presence in the San Francisco Bay Area. The focus of Alliance PT is to acquire private PT practices throughout the United States. Check out the full article for details.


The Benefits of Removing the Cap on Medicare Therapy Services

The current policy allows Medicare recipients only 16 visits per year. This cap makes chronic disease management impossible, especially when treating elderly populations. Sixty nine percent of older adults suffer from limited mobility, meaning they will soon, if not already, move to a nursing home, putting a financial strain of $90,500 a year on the patient’s family. Therapy services can also prevent and treat injuries due to falling, as it’s the primary cause of injury among older Americans. Learn more about how removing this cap can improve elderly patient care and even save lives.


How Innovate Physical Therapy is Helping the U.S. Air Force

Since August of this year, the United States Air Force has been experimenting with an innovate physical therapy program that focuses on helping as many airmen as possible in a short amount of time. It provides therapy to airmen with both present and past injuries for better prevention and treatment. Air Force Capt. Eric Walter said of the program, “On the first day, we evaluated 21 patients, and on the final day after seven weeks of embedment, we only saw four, with no returning patients.” Read more about the program’s success here.