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Let's Get Physical: June 2018 Issue

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Treating Concussions in Adolescents


A recent CDC report found that 15% of high schoolers have experienced at least one concussion. The data from this study yielded much higher estimates than any previous research because other studies only used data from emergency departments and athletic trainers.


Many adolescents who experience a concussion try to hide it from their coaches and parents, which is why this most recent study included anonymous self-reporting. These concussion rates are especially concerning because many of these teenagers are unlikely to seek out treatment.


Physical therapy is highly effective in the recovery process. In fact, another recent study published in The Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy showed that early intervention may accelerate the recovery trajectory.


OTA and Girl Scout Team Up to Provide Multisensory Learning


Mary Canada is an OTA who works with children who have severe visual, auditory and cognitive disabilities. Katie Crabb is a 17-year-old Girl Scout and avid reader who needed a meaningful project to earn the Gold Award, the highest achievement for a Girl Scout.


And so, their partnership was born when Crabb asked for Canada’s help to provide multisensory story time to low-functioning children. Canada decided to do a books in a bag program to make the stories come to life.


As Crabb said, “I really wanted to do this project because I always loved reading. I was always stuck in my able-bodied world, so now I want to impact these kids’ lives in a positive way.”


With this program, the reader presents various visual, auditory, tactile and aromatic stimuli for the children to enjoy. For example, one of the books they read was Goodnight Moon, for which they brought a tiny mouse that jingled and a big moon night light.


What Canada and Crabb found from their project was an overwhelming success, as students who were once totally disengaged from the class were now enthralled in the stories. It just goes to show you should never underestimate the power of interactive learning.


A Major Win in America’s War on Opioids


On Friday June 22nd, a bipartisan bill to fight the opioid crisis passed 396 to 14. The nearly unanimous support to combat addiction is comforting in these times of political divisiveness.


As Oregon’s own Congressman Gregory Paul Walden noted, “At a time when it seems we couldn’t be more divided, it’s clear that striking back against addiction is something that transcends politics and brings us together as a community, as a country and as a Congress.”


Though there’s much work to be done to manage the biggest drug crisis America has ever faced, this development is certainly a step in the right direction.