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Let's Get Physical: March 2018 Issue

Let's get physical an allied health staffing blog


Cybersecurity Breach Victimizes 35,000 Patients

Physical therapy giant ATI was hacked via employees’ email accounts, compromising the personal information of 35,000 patients. This breach is one of many in recent years that has targeted the healthcare industry. When it comes to cybercrime, this industry is more vulnerable than any other because it offers the most valuable data but has the least amount of protection. Here’s what you can do to protect your facility.


Progress in the Fight to Remove Medicare Caps for Therapy

Last month, Congress approved to remove annual caps on how much Medicare pays for allied health services. With the approval of a doctor or, in some states, an advanced practice provider, Medicare beneficiaries can receive coverage for therapy. This is a huge step in combating the excessive use of prescription drugs in place of therapy, which will make effective care more affordable to those who need it most.


MS Patient Shares How Occupational Therapy Changed His Life

Patients find their therapy to be invaluable in addressing the challenges they face on a daily basis. One such patient suffering from multiple sclerosis recounts his experience with an occupational therapist who changed his life. Get the full story here.


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