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Let's Get Physical: September 2017 Issue

Physical Therapy Accessibility Cuts Costs in Healthcare Spending

The ability to see a physical therapist without a physician referral is a huge benefit to patients. People often experience non-traumatic events—like a sprained ankle, a stiff neck or lower back pain—that impede daily functions and require medical attention. However, having to visit a physician to conduct tests and prescribe drugs is a costly and ineffective way to manage these problems. Direct access to physical therapy is the best solution that cuts costs on healthcare spending and alleviates our current opioid epidemic. Read the full article for more.


Protect Your Physical Therapists from Sexual Harassment

A recent study found that 84 percent of physical therapists have experienced sexual harassment at work. A third of these offenses involved groping, indecent exposure, masturbation and sexual assault by patients. Physical therapists must learn to uphold their duty of providing quality care, without compromising their personal safety. Keep your physical therapists from falling victim to sexual abuse through preparation and training. For more information on this topic, get all the details here.


How to Empower Patients/Clients and Provide Better Care

Noncompliant patients/clients are a liability, especially as the costs for malpractice claims filed against PTs and PTAs continue to climb. The best way to beat noncompliance is to empower your patients/clients and help them understand their role in treatment. There’s so much to gain in empowering them—but even more to lose if you don’t. These five steps will show you how.