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Medical Muse: April 2018 Issue

Medical Muse


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Best Cities for PAs to Live and Work


It’s no secret that PAs are in high demand, landing the No. 3 spot on U.S News & World Report’s list of the “100 Best Jobs in America.” (Don’t worry NPs, you got the fourth spot!) Obviously, you’re in the right line of work, but that doesn’t mean all cities are alike when it comes to the opportunities they offer.


That’s why the moving company SquareFoot, in association with the job site Indeed, made a list of the top 10 cities for PAs to live and work. Their rankings were based on the following factors: job availability, average annual salary, median home price and median annual rent.


Among these premier cities were Raleigh, NC, Baltimore, MD and New York, NY. And—best part yet—it just so happens that I have several opportunities in these cities available now! Check out my job board or email me to learn more about these jobs!


Record Low in Opioid Prescriptions


Over the last year, opioid prescriptions have experienced the biggest drop we’ve seen in 25 years. Research from the health information and clinical research consultant firm IQVIA showed an 8.9% decline in the number of opioid prescriptions filled nationwide.


As IQVIA’s research director Michael Kleinrock said, “We’re at a really critical moment in the country when everybody’s paying attention to this issue. People really don’t want [opioids] if they can avoid them.” This development is a hopeful sign that the end is near for the opioid crisis.


Protect Your Facility Now!


Last month we talked about how 90% of hospitals have experienced a cybersecurity breach in the last two years. With the rise of telehealth operations and EHRs, medical facilities have become a prime target for hackers.


When it comes to cybercrime, healthcare is more vulnerable than any other industry because it offers the most valuable information but has the least amount of protection. Facilities need to be more vigilant than ever in protecting their data, which is why having a premier security provider on your side is crucial. Lucky for you, we know one!

Sherlock is a cloud-native security platform that uses automation and machine learning to protect your network with unparalleled speed and scalability. For more details, check out the video our marketing team ICON Creative produced for them!