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Remote Work is Here to Stay

There is no question that COVID-19 has changed our outlook as well as the future of the workplace with more employees working remotely than ever before. Not only is the remote working trend growing exponentially, but it is also trending permanently. A Bloomberg study revealed that 39% of adults would rather quit their job than work for an employer that isn’t flexible about remote work.

Many companies are responding to increased employee demand for flexibility and are adapting remote work as a permanent change in their organization. ICON Medical Network is among the companies that have maintained operations in a pandemic world by providing jobs to healthcare workers and placing them in areas where there is a great need, all while working remotely. While COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, ICON will continue to allow employees to work remotely.

Although a flexible work environment can sometimes make maintaining a cohesive company culture challenging, ICON is committed to sustaining a culture that is engaging, motivating, and collaborative. Through regular company meetings, volunteer days, celebratory and holiday Zoom sessions as well as optional employee experiences like a book club, ICON is consistently finding ways to foster personal and professional development.

A flexible work environment and a strong company culture are two key things that ICON believes are key to retaining employees and in the case of a healthcare staffing company, keeping physicians at the bedsides of patients.