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Telehealth Beyond COVID-19

There’s no denying that telehealth came into the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic – it played a critical role in giving providers and patients a way to still connect in the midst of a worldwide health crisis. With the significant rise in telehealth visits, providers and patients were exposed to the benefits of this form of healthcare, including better conversations, strengthened connections, convenience, reduced wait time and cost.

While the transition back to a form of normalcy begins and the use of telehealth shifts to becoming an option, the demands of patients still remain the same. In a pandemic world and in a “normal” world, patients seek better access to healthcare, reduced costs and more control. Thus, the global telehealth market will remain a key platform for providing care, and ICON Medical Network is here for it.

Telehealth gives ICON’s network of physicians the technology tools needed to provide care from anywhere, improving physician efficiency and customer convenience. With a wide variety of specialties in the ICON arsenal, telehealth also allows specialty physicians to explore the depths of their practice giving patients improved care.

Psychiatry is one example of how utilizing telemedicine can provide better outcomes for patients. A significant factor of psychiatric treatments is having strong communication with the patient. Telemedicine allows psychiatrists to offer mental health services to areas without access.

Telehealth combined with locum tenens provides benefits for providers and patients alike.