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The Daily Data: July 2017 Issue


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The Cities Creating The Most Tech Jobs 2017

Silicon Valley may not be the leading tech hub in the years to come. More cities are stepping up in this ever-growing industry, including some contenders you probably wouldn’t expect. These burgeoning cities are providing more affordable and diverse options for job opportunities. Gone are the days when techies had to flock to the Valley to find decent work. The current trends bode well for underdog tech cities. For more information, see the full story here.


10 Problems with Outsourcing IT

Too many companies are outsourcing their IT because of the misguided belief that it will cut costs and offer more convenience. What these companies don’t understand is how problematic this phenomenon is. Among the many reasons outsourcing may not be the best choice, one glaring drawback is that it can negatively impact a company’s morale. To learn more, check out the article here.


A New Kind of Tech Job Emphasizes Skills, Not a College Degree

The tech industry is revolutionizing the way we hire, creating a new sector deemed “new-collar” jobs to accommodate the majority of Americans who don’t have a four year degree. Recruiting for skills makes sense for an industry with such specific demands. Tech workers more often have a specialized purpose that shouldn’t require a college degree in the first place. More companies are adopting this trend, giving hope to those who never had the time nor money to pursue a higher education. Get all the details here.