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The Daily Data: December 2017 Issue


Client Highlight: Cloudability Named in Portland’s Top 10 Tech Startups

The Tech Tribune of Portland just released its list of the Top 10 Tech Startups. The selection was based on the following criteria: revenue potential, leadership team, brand/product traction and competitive landscape. We’re proud to report that Cloudability landed the No. 3 spot on the list for its innovative cloud management solutions. To learn more about Cloudability, check out the culture video we produced for them below!



Hate Down, Stock Up: A Christmas Miracle for Twitter

On December 18th, Twitter took a stand against hate speech and racist propaganda by purging accounts that engage in these acts. Specifically, individuals and groups associated with alt-right events and entities like the Charlottesville rally and Breitbart news were the first to go. The purge has coincided with more good news for the company and its investors—it’s stock is up eight percent, the highest it’s been all year.


Last Minute Holiday Shopping?

Still have a couple people left on your holiday shopping list? Don’t worry—we’ve got just the thing. TechCrunch has a Christmas gift guide that they update daily with the hottest gadgets, games and other products. You can find something for your parents, kids, even your pets. Seriously, they even have feline-friendly wine, so your cat can indulge in a nice bottle of Pinot Meow. (Don’t worry, there’s a selection for dogs too!) For all your shopping needs, this guide has everything you can imagine—and everything you can’t.