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The Daily Data: February 2018 Issue


Why Subscriptions Reign Supreme over Sales

More tech companies are starting to offer their products as a service through subscriptions, which keep consumers hooked and produce a steady stream of recurring revenue. That’s why companies like Amazon have been more aggressive in pushing customers to sign up for premium accounts. In fact, Amazon’s Prime program generated $9.7 billion in revenue last year, up 52 percent from the previous year. The transition from a sales to subscription model seems to be the new norm in tech.


Fight Burnout with These Tips

Burnout plagues the tech industry, as IT professionals endure insane amounts of stress to bring the most innovative solutions to the market. That’s why our Lead Accounts Manager Mac McDonald decided to spend Valentine’s Day last week talking about another relationship deserving of love and attention—your career. Though it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore, these insights to help you fall in love with your job again are as informative as they are fun!


Did We Earn the Title?

We’re proud to say that we were named on the list of Best Employment Agencies in Portland for our focus on providing the highest quality candidates. Even though we’re honored to receive this title, we want to hear from the people who matter most to us. That’s why we encourage you to share your experience with us! We want to know if we’re fulfilling our mission to equip you for success with the best candidates. Leave us a review to let us know!