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The Daily Dose: November 2017 Issue


The Amazon Takeover: A Threat to Retail Pharmacies


Only time will tell whether or not Amazon will move into the pharmaceutical space. If they do, it could pose a major threat to traditional retail pharmacists. Here’s why: Amazon could start opening up pharmacies within Whole Foods, which could generate an estimated $2.3 billion in pharmaceutical sales. On top of that, they can leverage their Prime Now services that offer free two-hour delivery. Retail pharmacists need to start preparing now in case the Amazon takeover occurs.



Miracle Drug in a Shell?


There’s a huge demand for non-addictive painkillers. Turns out, a convenient source of them is in the venom of cone snails. The reason this venom is perfect for pharmaceutical use is because it’s “very potent, it acts very fast, and it’s very specific,” according to biochemist Mandë Holford. Ziconotide is a venom-derived drug that’s already on the market for pain treatment, and it’s a 1000 times more potent than morphine. To learn more, check out the full article here.



Honoring Keith Campbell: A Pioneer in Diabetes Research and Education


November is National Diabetes Month, making it especially poignant to reflect on the life and work of Keith Campbell. He was a pioneer in diabetes research and education who passed away just last week. As an accomplished educator, Keith Campbell taught at the Washington State University College of Pharmacy for 47 years. Just last month, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the University. Among his many contributions to the pharmaceutical community, Keith Campbell was a devoted advocate for individualized care and patient engagement. Check out his interview during an American Diabetes Association meeting just last month.