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The Daily Dose: September 2017 Issue




How to Empower Patients and Provide Better Care

Noncompliant patients are a liability. In fact, research shows that only 25 percent of patients take their medications as directed, which could lead to malpractice suits. The best way to beat noncompliance is to empower your patients and help them understand their role in treatment. There’s so much to gain in empowering patients—but even more to lose if you don’t. These five steps will show you how.


Defining Your Pharmacy as a Wellness Destination


A Meyocks Health survey reported that pharmacists are the most trusted healthcare providers. That being said, there’s a lot of competition to establish your pharmacy as the best. One effective strategy to put your pharmacy on top is to implement preventative care services that will help you build relationships with patients and boost your revenue. Get all the details here.  




First Gene Therapy Leukemia Treatment Gets FDA Approval


The fact that it’s National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month makes this development all the more celebratory. The FDA approved the first gene therapy treatment to hit the consumer market. Kymriah treats patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia by using the patients’ own immune cells to target and kill the cancer source. Learn more about this revolutionary breakthrough here.




Pharmacy “Walk of Shame” Ends with Drones


After successful trials, MedExpress and the General Pharmaceutical Council are collaborating to launch drone delivery services. This initiative prevents people from having to visit the store to pick up embarrassing drugs, like morning after pills and Viagra. This solution offers discretion and convenience, especially for people residing in remote areas. Read the full article for more.