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The Dose: December 2018 Issue

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Get your Dose of the latest in pharmacy news. We deliver monthly highlights straight to your inbox, so you can keep your finger on the industry’s pulse.  Click here to sign up now! From the future of cannabis in the pharmaceutical industry to a spooky teaser that reveals every provider’s worst nightmare, this is what’s happening for December.


The Future of Cannabis in the Pharmaceutical Industry  


The New Year will usher in some major changes for the cannabis industry. For starters, the FDA has been considering removing cannabis from the Schedule I classification over the last year to create more leeway for federally-funded research on the drug.


At present, it’s easier to get funding and approval for cocaine research because, according to the scheduling system, cocaine is safer than cannabis. Now a recent Senate report indicates that is about to change.


We can also expect a surge in FDA approvals for cannabinoids in the very near future. There are only three cannabinoids with approval for medicinal purposes in the U.S. But this new powerhouse partnership between Novartis and Tilray Inc. may make cannabis the darling of the global pharmaceutical industry.


Every Pharmacist’s Worst Nightmare


Are you tired of feeling harassed by recruiters who don’t listen to or care about what you want? We know…it sounds weird hearing that from a staffing agency. Here’s the thing though: We’ve been in this business a long time, so we know what makes a good recruiter—and what doesn’t.


With that in mind, we thought it’d be fun to put a video together that shows every healthcare provider’s worst nightmare. Check out our spooky teaser below featuring yours truly, and keep your eyes peeled for the premiere after the New Year!



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