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The Top Earning States for Doctors

What do states Wyoming, New Hampshire, and Minnesota all have in common? Physicians in those states earned the highest salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2016 figures. New Hampshire doctors’ average annual wage was $272,820, Wyoming’s was $259, 940 and Minnesota’s was $253,440.


In jobs classified under “physicians and surgeons,” BLS found that “offices of physicians” positions averaged $235, 4000, almost 40,000 above the national average. Those classified as “general medical and surgical hospitals”, averaged $168,760.


Overall, rural states tended to have higher physician compensation than states with big cities, such as New York.

Healthcare employment continued to trend over the previous month, picking up 20,000 more jobs in April. The numbers are similar to previous months for the healthcare sector in the first quarter of 2017 according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but are less than the average 32,000 jobs gained per month in 2016.