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Big Interview Tomorrow? Here's How to Prepare Tonight

Preparing for an Interview



It’s the night before the interview, it’s normal to feel a little anxious as a series of possible scenarios race through your head.


What if I go to the wrong office? What if I sleep through my alarm and show up late? What if I have a wardrobe malfunction?


Your best bet to help ease these worries, which are totally normal by the way, is preparation the night before. Preparation translates into confidence.


Here’s an interview preparation list to help get you out the door:


Lay out your outfit


Like the night before the first day of school laying out your outfit the night before ensures in the morning you’re not running around trying to piece together something appropriate and risk being late getting out the door. Plus, this gives you time to try on different pieces and determine which ones you feel the best in and to do a quick inspection for stains or wrinkles.


Figure out the directions to your interview


Google maps is your BFF to make sure you know the route and approximate time it will take you to get there. Don’t forget to go through any email correspondence for parking information or specific entrances.


Plan your meals


Whether you are interviewing in the morning or around lunch, don’t go the interview hangry. Start off the day with a big breakfast and plan and prepare your meals the night before of nutritious foods. That way you’re not relying a Starbucks drive thru on your way to the interview.


Research your interviewers


Another key component in preparation knowing more about the people you’re about to interview with. Do a quick Google search or a little LinkedIn stalking to get some background info. You never know, you may find that you have mutual colleagues or have worked in similar fields or projects.


Review answers to the most common questions


It might seem silly to practice answers to these common interview questions, but the practice allows you time to formulate answers to convey your best self. Here are few of our must-reads:

  • Why Don’t you Tell Me About Yourself? Questions You Must Be Prepared to Answer During Interviews

  • How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions


Pack your bag  


It’s always a good idea to print a few extra copies of your resume to bring along with you. Some other items to consider: a  stain stick, breath mints, some cash to pay for parking and deodorant. You don’t want to show up pitted out because you were stressed trying to find a parking spot that didn’t require a meter because you didn’t have any change.  


Get some Zzzzs


After all of that preparation you should be ready to get some sleep knowing that you’ve done your homework. Don’t forget to set your alarm!


Good luck and don’t forget to call your ICON concierge after the interview!