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Working with ICON – Provider Perks to Expect

Whether you are brand-new to locum tenens or exploring your career options, ICON has you covered. Here are just a few of the perks of working with ICON: Keep Your Mind at Ease with our New Travel Partner: Navigating through travel agencies can be difficult

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The Pulse: May 2020 Edition

Trump stands next to graph illustrating coronavirus outbreak | Win McNamee/Getty Images Keep your finger on The Pulse of what’s happening in health care. We deliver monthly highlights of the developments shaping our field. From our country’s sad milestone to ways healthcare providers and facilities

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The Power of Grit

“We have to be willing to fail, to be wrong, to start over again with lessons learned.” – Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth Two weeks ago, ICON celebrated our Mid-Year Cheer where we commend all the accomplishments we’ve made thus far in 2017, as well as

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