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Doctors Training Doctors: The EMR Solution

Like other technologies, the electronic medical record (EMR) has immense potential for good but can be cumbersome without proper training. Many physicians feel frustrated with these systems that consume two thirds of their time with tedious data entries. Of course, their frustrations are totally understandable.

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HPE to Revolutionize the Computer, Enter “The Machine”

Just how much memory does Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s new computer called “The Machine” capable of storing? We’re talking big data, like really big. In development since 2014, the company presented its prototype earlier this week, which was specifically designed for the big data era. It

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Leadership Skills for the IT Revolution

Throughout history there have been a variety of leaders. Some more inspiring than others, Alexander the Great, Mahatma Gandhi, George Washington to name a few. Like the varying leadership styles of the boy king who conquered most of the known western world, or the young

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