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Healthcare Hub: June 2019 Issue

   For the latest medical news, this is Healthcare Hub! We deliver monthly highlights straight to you, so you can keep your finger on the industry’s pulse. Click here to sign up now! From ways we can honor Pride Month as healthcare professionals to our pop quiz

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8 Cybersecurity Trends for 2018

  If we had to describe 2017 in a word, it would be chaos.   From Equifax’s disastrous breach that affected an estimated 145.5 million people to the WannaCry ransomware attack that shut down over 300,000 machines, including medical devices and cars—it’s not a stretch

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Why Healthcare is America’s Biggest Employer

  For the first time in history, healthcare has become the biggest source of jobs in America, beating out other robust industries like manufacturing and retail.   In fact, analysts predict that a third of all new jobs will be in the healthcare sector.  

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Doctors Training Doctors: The EMR Solution

  Like other technologies, the electronic medical record (EMR) has immense potential for good but can be cumbersome without proper training. Many physicians feel frustrated with these systems that consume two thirds of their time with tedious data entries.   Of course, their frustrations are

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5 Ways to Improve Cybersecurity in Healthcare

As we’ve mentioned before, cybercrime is a huge threat to healthcare, costing the industry over $6 billion annually. This elusive danger goes deeper than the monetary damage though.   Hackers can hijack valuable intel from facility computer systems for ransomware, sell patient insurance information to

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