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The Daily Dose: January 2018 Issue



Improve Patient Outcomes and Reduce Overall Healthcare Spending

From improving medication adherence to reducing hospital-acquired infections, pharmacists can play a significant role in critical organizational goals. Advisory Board’s infographic outlines six pharmacist-led practices that can help improve patient outcomes and reduce overall health care spending. Click the image below to get details about each practice, examples of how your peers put them into action, and the resulting impact on quality, safety, and cost reduction.


Why Healthcare is America’s Biggest Employer

For the first time in history, healthcare has become the biggest source of jobs in America. Analysts predict that a third of all new jobs will be in the healthcare sector. Why? Thanks to advances in medicine, people are living longer, but that also means an aging population requires more care. Not only is our population getting older, we’re

getting unhealthier, too. Less than 3 percent of Americans meet the basic criteria for being healthy. And healthcare has an immunity to automation — at the end of the day, robots can’t simulate empathy. Check out the full article to see why the healthcare job boom is here to stay.


Healthcare and Tech Dominate the List of Best Jobs for 2018

U.S. News & World Report published its list for “The 100 Best Jobs in America” and one thing is abundantly clear: Healthcare and tech absolutely dominated. Not only do these industries create the most jobs—they also create the best. The unique mix of medicinal knowledge and interpersonal skills required to run a pharmacy counter remain in demand, making Pharmacists the 45th best job in America. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 6 percent employment growth for pharmacists by 2026, with the field adding 17,600 new jobs – but a decline in traditional retail settings because more people are having their prescriptions filled online or through mail order.


Speaking of Online and Mail Order Prescription Fills … Hey, Amazon

A new report from the financial research firm Leerink, which has been closely covering Amazon’s moves in health care, says Amazon is expanding the team that’s exploring a move into the pharmacy business. Amazon’s entry into the pharmaceutical business seems inevitable to many in the health sector, particularly in light of the $3 billion market opportunity, but don’t expect it to happen tomorrow. Some drug supply chain experts say that Amazon has lower-hanging fruit to explore first in the healthcare space, like selling cash-pay generic drugs and medical supplies.